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Varekamp Coldstores Holland
ABC Westland 444
2685 DE Poeldijk
The Netherlands
T +31(0) 174 412 790
F +31(0) 174 418 577

Key values as business partner

Varekamp Coldstores focuses on the logistics so you can focus on your business. Flexibility and proactiveness are keywords that best describe our business. With this in mind our motivated team is driven to facilitate the total logistical process surrounding your order. Varekamp Coldstores does not trade, making us an independent logistics service provider.
We treat your orders with discretion and since Varekamp Coldstores works exclusively with barcodes, your orders are anonymous throughout the entire process. The suppliers' barcodes and pallet numbers enable us to track and trace your products at all times. Tracking and tracing is mandatory according to Article 18 of the European Union's General Food Law.
Each step in the order process is fully recorded. Every change is entered in our sophisticated Warehouse Management System. Reports are automatically generated and emailed to you, so that you always have the latest information. This makes our logistics operations fully transparent.

Focus on logistics. Flexible and proactive service. Discrete. Traceable. Transparent. Varekamp Coldstores is trusted at home and abroad. Proof thereof is in the numerous long-standing relationships we have with our customers. Varekamp Coldstores: the 'cool-est' business partner.