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Varekamp Coldstores Holland
ABC Westland 444
2685 DE Poeldijk
The Netherlands
T +31(0) 174 412 790
F +31(0) 174 418 577


While you focus on your commercial activities, Varekamp Coldstores focuses on the quality of your order. Our employees look after your products, food safety, our service delivery and sustainability.

Varekamp Coldstores has the certificates BRC Storage & Distribution and IFS Logistic including HACCP, which are required by chain stores. Full traceability - a legal requirement that Varekamp Coldstores fully meets - is needed, among others for chain stores.

Varekamp Coldstores is also Skal certified for the storage and repackaging of organic products, including the necessary paperwork. Since becoming active in this field, the volume of organic products we process has steadily increased.

Varekamp Coldstores is for its customers and Customs a reliable partner in all aspects according to the certificate AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) for Customs simplification and Security.
The AEO certificate provides many benefits in international trade and is a major plus for customers and relations.