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Varekamp Coldstores Holland
ABC Westland 444
2685 DE Poeldijk
The Netherlands
T +31(0) 174 412 790
F +31(0) 174 418 577


Varekamp Coldstores has 7,000 pallet positions; each pallet position has its own location barcode.
In each of our 26 coldstores the temperature (-3 to + 20OC), circulation, ventilation and humidity can be set individually. A section of our stores is equipped with floor heating to meet specific product requirements during refrigerated storage.
Our coldstores vary in size from 96 to 420 pallet positions per room.
Single, dual and triple layer storage guarantees that the pallets are always easy to reach, enabling us to quickly respond to your needs and those of your quality controllers.
A number of our rooms are equipped with modern push-back racks making any contact with pallets limited and efficient.