Varekamp Coldstores is the place for everything fresh

Comprehensive logistics services

Varekamp Coldstores offers you a tailored service. Your supply chain wishes determine the service package we put together for you.  All our services have a strong focus on simplicity and cost effectiveness: we are a one-stop service provider, you have a single point of contact and receive one bill itemizing every service you contract.

We transport your products, for example, from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, or from Schiphol airport to Varekamp Coldstores in Poeldijk.

We take care of all of the controls. Varekamp Coldstores is certified as a phytohygienic inspection site. We handle the phytohygienic and quality inspections of your products by the Plant Protection Service of the Netherlands and the Kwaliteits-Controle-Bureau (Quality Control Office). We take care of the execution and supervise the inspections.

You receive a report as soon as Varekamp Coldstores has received your products. At your request, we can carry out an extensive quality control when the goods are received. The result of the inspection is compiled in a report that is sent to you with pictures of your products. Based on your order and your specific wishes, Varekamp Coldstores also offers a wide range of services: the weighing of pallets, sorting of products with a view towards delivering quality and uniformity, packing in the correct packaging for chain stores, labelling your orders with product specifications, and order picking.

Varekamp Coldstores transports your products to your European customers in temperature-controlled vehicles. This enables us to guarantee the quality of your products while they're en route: fresh stays fresh.