Varekamp Coldstores is the place for everything fresh

Core process

Varekamp Coldstores is the place for everything fresh. Need to store products for a few hours or months? Refrigerated or not? Whatever your wish: with some sixty years of experience, Varekamp Coldstores knows how to deliver tailored solutions. Varekamp Coldstores has a treasure trove of product knowledge, sophisticated logistics systems and, of course, storage capacity for your products:  potatoes, vegetables, fruit, bulbs, flowers and plants.

Varekamp Coldstores is a bonded warehouse. We take care of your customs formalities, including filing your customs declaration in the required format.

At Varekamp Coldstores, your order is in good hands. We provide a detailed overview of the information on each of your orders and automatically send you the receipt and shipping information. We can also provide you with inventory information at any time. You are always aware of the latest status of your products and order.

Cross-docking. Short or long-term storage. Inventory management. Up-to-date information. These are the services we provide at our strategic location, which is centred between the ports of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport. This makes Varekamp Coldstores the link between your international supply chains, as well as your 'cool-est' business partner.