Varekamp Coldstores is the place for everything fresh


Your order is very important at Varekamp Coldstores. That goes without saying. What makes us truly unique is our sophisticated information process. Speed and efficiency, up-to-date information, full traceability, discretion, extensive and detailed information and personal contact.

Speed and efficiency

Varekamp Coldstores uses a warehouse management system to manage your inventory and the bonded-warehouse activities. Your order is processed quickly and efficiently.


The barcodes on your pallets are scanned using "RF barcode scanners". This gives us optimum control over your order from receipt to loading. The barcode information is immediately processed in our system. Because our system is updated in real time, we are always aware of the latest status of your goods.

Electronic update

You automatically receive a report as soon as your order has been received or loaded, thus you immediately know when Varekamp Coldstores has processed your products.  The only thing you need to have is the ability to send and receive email. On request, we can send the information through a data exchange programme.

VCS Portal

VCS Portal is our online web application which enables customers to follow their products throughout the supply chain via a secured connection, 24/7, from any location. Intuitive, free and always up-to-date. Save time by eliminating paperwork and reduce communication by providing you with a 24/7 access to your own data. VCS Portal supports your sales activities. For more information please see our leaflet.

Xsense Cold Chain Monitoring

Varekamp owns an 'Xsense receiver'. Customers who are using these intelligent temperature and humidity recorders, automatically receive detailed reports, as soon as the transmitter (which you placed between the products) is within the range of our receiver. Xsense enables you to track your goods across the whole supply chain and warns you in case of issues. Of course Varekamp can also download data from temperature recorders of other brands.

Full traceability

Varekamp Coldstores records your or your supplier's pallet number as soon as we receive the shipment. This unique pallet number is stated in the receipt and loading reports you receive from us. This information can be invaluable, for example, if your products are from a specific grower or specific cultivation area. Varekamp Coldstores guarantees your order is always fully traceable.


Varekamp Coldstores works exclusively with barcodes in its warehouses. Your order is anonymous during the operation: our employees scan the barcode with mobile handheld terminals every time the pallet is moved.

Personal contact

Suppose your order has a special status or needs special handling: in addition to the extensive and detailed information that you automatically receive from Varekamp Coldstores, you can also get in touch directly with your contact at Varekamp Coldstores to discuss tailored services thereof.