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Varekamp Coldstores Holland
ABC Westland 444
2685 DE Poeldijk
The Netherlands
T +31(0) 174 412 790
F +31(0) 174 418 577


Welcome to the website of Varekamp Coldstores.

Fruit. Vegetables. Potatoes. Bulbs. Flowers. Plants. Whatever your product: Varekamp Coldstores is the place for everything fresh. For storage, cross-docking or any other shipping related services, Varekamp Coldstores is the place to be.

While you focus on your business we take care of the complex logistics. We form the link between your national and international supply chains from the time we collect your products to the time they're distributed. Our website contains information about Varekamp Coldstores and the services we provide. Years of experience in fresh-food logistics and the use of information technology enable us to work fast, precisely, transparently and cost efficiently.

For more information on our services and on how we can accommodate your specific needs, contact us. We would be more than happy to explain in person why Varekamp Coldstores is your 'cool-est' business partner.