A maximum flavour experience requires fruit and vegetables with perfect ripeness. Every mango, avocado or stone fruit, even within one load, is unique.  

As part of Europe Retail Packing, we can ripen your fresh product in the most ideal conditions with our VAL service (ripening). We apply the latest technologies and processes. This guarantees you attention and specialist knowledge to optimise the end product, so we strive for top quality together.  

The art of ripening is to know where the product comes from and how it arrives. Based on this knowledge, a thorough ripening plan is drawn up, which is pursued and fine-tuned daily. Good ripening is only possible if you have a passion for the profession. Ripening means measuring and adjusting every day. Because the entire process is kept under one roof (at one location), the ripened product can also be automatically sorted on one of our AWETA machines. Lastly, the product can be labelled or packaged in a net, flow pack or with a banderole. 

Want to know more about what we can do in the field of ripening? Please visit the website of Europe Retail Packing