Logistics service provider for fruit, vegetables, (sweet) potatoes, and flower bulbs.

Varekamp Coldstores is the ultimate place for everything fresh. With more than 70 years of experience, we provide customers with tailor-made solutions for the logistics process of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, flowers, plants and flower bulbs.  


With our extensive logistics services, we ensure simplicity and speed in the process and communication. In addition, we have a strong focus on cost efficiency. We transport the products from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp or Schiphol Airport to Varekamp Coldstores in Poeldijk. This applies to both incoming and outgoing fresh products throughout Europe. 

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We also take care of customs. As a customs warehouse with all permits, we interact with official (government) authorities for our customers. This applies both to Customs and to checks on compliance with European laws and regulations by, among others, the Dutch KCB (Quality Control Agency) or NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority).  

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Handling and storage

From entry to storage with a transparent warehouse management system (WMS) to quality control. Need to store products for a few hours or months? Chilled or not? Whatever your requirements, thanks to our years of experience, we know how to deliver the right solutions for our customers.  

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A maximum flavour experience of fruit or vegetables requires perfect ripeness. As part of Europe Retail Packing, we can ripen your fresh product in the most ideal conditions with our VAL service (ripening). This makes top quality possible all year round. 

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With our VAL service (packing), we can - as part of Europe Retail Packing - select your fresh product for quality and pack it in the right ‘jacket’. With more than 60 packaging machines, we respond to the wishes of the retail sector for less environmentally harmful packaging materials to keep the product as fresh as possible and to prevent food waste. 

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