Handling & Storage

Your fresh product must of course be stored in ideal conditions. Whether it concerns the storage of fruit, vegetables, (sweet) potatoes or flower bulbs, we provide refrigerated storage that matches the properties and wishes of your product. 

We always provide up-to-date cooling conditions. This makes Varekamp Coldstores the ‘coolest’ partner. As we always receive the best reviews in the field of quality assurance audits, your product is in good hands with us. 

What can we do in the field of refrigerated storage

  • Entry
  • Storage 
  • Cross-docking 
  • Short or long-term storage 
  • Stock management 
  • Up-to-date information 
  • Quality control 

Varekamp Coldstores has 26 cold stores, each with its own settings so every product has its own ideal storage conditions.   

What can we do in the field of handling? 

  • Labelling 
  • Order picking 
  • Repalletising 
  • Weighing 
  • Lab samples 
  • Various VAL activities thanks to the synergy with Europe Retail Packing  
  • Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS)  

VAL: Value Added Logistics 

Thanks to the synergy with our parent company Europe Retail Packing, we are not only a logistics service provider, but also a packaging specialist for fresh vegetables, fruit, exotics, herbs and (sweet) potatoes. The packaging specialists respond to every demand and can respond quickly thanks to their extensive machinery of more than 60 packaging machines.  

Quality control 

It is of course desirable to keep your product as fresh as possible. Therefore we can provide Quality Control (QC). We do this with an external and neutral expert party in this field. Varekamp Coldstores ensures the coordination of the entire process. 

Full traceability 

Traceability and transparency are important. By using our Warehouse Management System, VCS Portal and Xsense Cold Chain Monitoring, you always have an overview of all important information about your shipment. This gives us and our customers maximum control over the order, from receipt to loading. Because our systems are updated in real time, we are always aware of the latest status of the goods.